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Rapattack was first established by the Master MC and Mellow Milt back in 1984. Having both dabbled with promotions and with the Master MC DJing as an ongoing hobby, they decided to put their experience together and develop a new concept in partying and clubbing.  This was all based around a state of the art Sound-system, together with the new New York styled musical presentation in the form of mastermixing on the then rare Technics SL 1200 turntables. “Basically it all started and was all about putting on great parties, with great music for music lovin, funky people in this great city of London!” The concept remains just as alive today and Rapattack continue to be one of the very few DJ outfits that can perform on their own soundsystem which is upgraded every year to meet with new developments in technology. So you most definitely will remember where you heard that tune first.  Value for money, 100% professionalism, and music that is appealing to all- being played on crystal clear, near perfect, quality sound has always been the trademark of Rapattack for many years. After deciding on the name Rapattack, underground house parties on Saturday nights were what really got the ball rolling and very soon warehouse parties attracting over 5000 people were playing a part in building the name, and building a regular Rapattack crowd – “the  Rapattack family!” which today is truly multicultural. AND THE REST IS HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                  

Profile of the Rapattack founder London’s DJ Master MC is one of the most professional DJ’s on the underground DJ circuit with a name that is renowned throughout the music industry. Born in Grenada (West Indies) and educated at the Robert Walpole Grammar School in London, his musical talents started to seriously emerge in 1982 when he formed the ‘Rapattack’ Soul Sound system after having a brief spell with the Mastermind Roadshow as their New York styled MC. Compelled by his association with rap artists Whodini and Grandmaster Flash (who inspired him to become a DJ), he is still recognised as being one of the best mastermix DJs around. His live creative style is very uplifting and unique, with a selection that is second to none and appreciated by all ages. Rapattack – the early years Master MC started radio work in 1982 as the main DJ for LWR, with the likes of Carl Cox, Mr C (Shamen), Norman Jay MBE, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson, Daddie Ernie, Tim Westwood (Radio 1), Jasper, Steve Jackson, Derek B, Jigs and DJ Elaine amongst others, many of whom formed a break away faction to create the original Kiss FM. He remained at LWR until dissolution. With a busy work schedule, sell out gigs and a loyal nature, Master MC joined West London’s ‘Time Radio’ where his award winning ‘Grand Groove’ Soul and Dance mastermix show exceeded all expectations, becoming one of the most talked about shows on London’s airwaves. Together with DJ Daddie Ernie, Jenny Francis, Gammo Speng, Jerry Bascombe, Martin Jaye, Chris Nat and a host of other DJ’s who later joined London’s Choice FM 96.9, Time Radio became a force to be reckoned with. Around this time, ever increasing in popularity and always creating a roadblock, Rapattack was resident at the famous ‘Peoples Club’ in Paddington promoted by the then unknown TV presenter Crystal Rose. With Master MC joining DJs Tony Blackburn and Steve Walsh for BBC Radio London’s ‘Soul Night Out’, as well as a collaboration with DJ Graham Gold (Kiss FM) at Gullivers night-club, along with providing trendy massive warehouse parties regularly attracting 5,000 – 10,000 people, this pioneering DJ and the Rapattack brand name began to create attention nation-wide. Soul and Dance music had never before been put together in such a wonderful, creative style. The making of today’s modern DJ was born. The rest is history. Rapattack was formed at a time when London nightclubs were not catering for the funky music lover and potential club-goer, in terms of music policy, dress code, atmosphere and opening hours etc. with most clubs playing British chart music and closing between 12 and 2.00a.m. Apart from being credited for introducing all night parties (which usually continued on until the following afternoon), Rapattack were instrumental in unleashing ‘Turbo sound’ and ‘JBL’ P.A. Sound System technology to London’s unsuspecting club culture, a move which revolutionised the amateur sound system world, and saw a move from home made to professionally built loudspeaker bins and amplifiers. Before the late 1980’s most British clubs overlooked the necessity and did not even possess a pair of the DJ friendly and industry standard Technics 1200 turntables. Back then these were deemed unnecessary in UK clubs because mixing (and scratching) was predominantly a New York thing derived from hip-hop culture. Rapattack dramatically changed all this and exposed the art of mixing to thousands/multitudes of people, inspiring and kick-starting the development of today’s top DJ careers and influencing many clubs of the day (e.g. The WAG) to upgrade in terms of DJ and sound equipment. Rapattack were the first to break the status quo in very innovative and entertaining ways. The amazing (previously unheard of) quality of sound produced by their sound-system, having a natural ability to present and either blend together or specialise in one of a variety of underground musical fields/styles have made Rapattack unique. The Rapattack Sound systems talent was and remains phenomenal. Rapattack are proud to boast the vocal training and development of artistes such as the Wee Papa Girl Rappers, Betty Boo and more recently Melanie Blatt from All Saints and Jamelia going on to achieve international fame. The original oldskool Rapattack Sound-system as a travelling roadshow consisted of singers, dancers, beat boxers (human drum machines), male and female rappers and obviously the DJ’s who were taught their trade by the DJ Master MC. Playing quality music has always been one of Rapattack’s strengths. It’s no wonder that Record company scouts, spies and people with insight, such as Morgan Khan’s ‘Streetwave’ label made a shrewd killing by licensing and reissuing many of the popular, but rare tracks that became Rapattack anthems (i.e. Carl Anderson – Buttercup, Cheryl Lynn – To be real, Maceo and the Macks – Cross the tracks). If you’re reading this for the first time don’t let the name Rapattack confuse or deceive you into thinking or believing that this is a rap-music based outfit. This certainly is not the case. 1988 saw an explosion into a new Acid-House SCENE and today House and Garage music has become a natural and integral part of the UK’s R’n’B club culture. A sudden rise in the popularity of UK Garage and House music during the mid 1990s also found Rapattack producing music and installing their sound system for what was at the time described as a “sexy weekend residency at Londons ‘Gass Club‘ in Piccadilly”. Alongside the likes of Matt Jam Lamont (Tuff-Jam), DJ Micky Simms, and the Dreem Teem, Rapattack is highly regarded as one of the founder members of the U.K. House and Garage scene and continues to be associated with London’s ‘Twice as Nice’ and ‘Back to 95’ promotions. Well known and respected by most top Radio/Club DJ’s and held in high esteem by the likes of Trevor Nelson and the general ‘club-going’ public of today and yesteryear, Master MC’s ability to specialise in a variety of musical fields is unsurpassed. Whether it be Jazz-Funk, Soul, R/B, Garage or simply Rapattack’s good old ‘Party Style’ (a surprise cross section of musical tastes) it is often said that “Nobody does it better”. With a personal and ever increasing collection library of over 60,000 vinyl records, have no doubts about this DJ’s thorough and extensive knowledge as well as his passion for Soul and Dance music. His expertise has often been called upon to supply research information and archive material for BBC & Channel 4 music based historic documentaries relating to British Club culture. He has also recently completed a Masters degree earning a distinction (in Youth and Community Work) at Brunel University where his academic papers and research were mostly based around issues surrounding ‘Caribbean and ethnic minority culture in the UK’. More recently Rapattack have been hosting community DJ workshop projects for London’s Hammersmith and Fulham borough at the famous Riverside Studio and are involved in music production having their own recording studio and a number of writer/producers, who together with their celebrity friends provide a showcase at London’s Notting Hill Carnivalevery year. Rapattack have become a legend throughout the music industry, known World-Wide by international soul artistes and musicians alike. Experience gained by years of radio presenting on community radio stations.


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